LUMIRA is a luxury niche fragrance house based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2013 by creative director Almira Armstrong, LUMIRA designs artisanal scents that transport the home and self and lead the way as a sustainably conscious brand. Bringing a bold and unique approach to fragrance creation each scent can be directly traced to a specific destination leaving a lasting impression on every visitor. In turn, these fragrances evoke a specific feeling – some uplifting, others soothing – in their new environment.
Those who welcome LUMIRA into their world find it acts as a perfumed portal to other corners of the globe. This is the magic and luxury of a hand-crafted scent.

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14 Items

  1. Cuban Tobacco Essenza Oil
    Lumira Cuban Tobacco Essenza Oil
  2. Arabian Oud Essenza Oil
    Lumira Arabian Oud Essenza Oil
  3. Cuban Tobacco Sphera Set
    Lumira Cuban Tobacco Sphera Set
  4. Lumira Glass Dome
    Lumira Lumira Glass Dome
  5. Arabian Oud Sphera Set
    Lumira Arabian Oud Sphera Set
  6. Tonic of Gin Candle
    Lumira Tonic of Gin Candle
  7. No.352 Leather & Cedar Candle
    Lumira No.352 Leather & Cedar Candle
  8. Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle
    Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle
  9. Tuscan Fig Candle
    Lumira Tuscan Fig Candle
  10. Cuban Tobacco Candle
    Lumira Cuban Tobacco Candle
  11. Candle Accessory Set
    Lumira Candle Accessory Set
  12. Arabian Oud Candle
    Lumira Arabian Oud Candle
  13. Scented Drawer Liner - Arabian Oud
    Lumira Scented Drawer Liner - Arabian Oud
  14. Arabian Oud Room Spray
    Lumira Arabian Oud Room Spray
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14 Items


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