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  1. Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Caper
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Caper
  2. Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Tobacco
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Tobacco
  3. Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Clove
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet Coverlet in Clove
  4. Hutton Bed Throw in Azure
    Aura Home Hutton Bed Throw in Azure
  5. Hutton Bed Throw in Peach
    Aura Home Hutton Bed Throw in Peach
  6. Jaipur Coverlet - Bronze
    Aura Home Jaipur Coverlet - Bronze
  7. Chambray Coverlet - Dove
    Aura Home Chambray Coverlet - Dove
  8. Chambray Coverlet - Mineral
    Aura Home Chambray Coverlet - Mineral
  9. Chambray Coverlet - Lilac
    Aura Home Chambray Coverlet - Lilac
  10. Chambray Coverlet - Smoke
    Aura Home Chambray Coverlet - Smoke
  11. Chambray Mini Stripe Coverlet - Smoke
    Aura Home Chambray Mini Stripe Coverlet - Smoke
  12. Jaipur Coverlet - Rosewater & Merlot
    Aura Home Jaipur Coverlet - Rosewater & Merlot
  13. Jaipur Coverlet - Mist & Feather
    Aura Home Jaipur Coverlet - Mist & Feather
  14. Waffle Bed Throw in Feather
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Feather
  15. Waffle Bed Throw in Smoke
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Smoke
  16. Waffle Bed Throw in Dusty Blue
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Dusty Blue
  17. Crinkle Bed Throw - Elm
    Aura Home Crinkle Bed Throw - Elm
  18. Waffle Bed Throw in Caper
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Caper
  19. Waffle Bed Throw in Clove
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Clove
  20. Waffle Bed Throw in Greystone
    Aura Home Waffle Bed Throw in Greystone
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31 Items

Enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom with Aura Home's exquisite range of bed covers and coverlets. From our sinfully soft velvet to our beautifully textured waffle fabric or quilted coverlets, our exquisite range adds a hint of elegance to any home. Intricately crafted by skilled artisans, we make sure that quality, sustainability and care are sewn into every stitch. 

Discover the beautiful textures, fabrics and patterns in our bed cover collection, available in a diverse range of colours to suit every bedroom style. Our bedspreads and coverlets are perfect for layering with our sheets and quilt covers for an extra layer of warmth and style in the cooler months. Choose from classic cotton, the indulgent texture of velvet or our signature linen-cotton blend to get the look and feel you want for your room.


Experience Comfort with our Bed Covers

Discover the comfort and versatility of coverlets and transform your bedding. Crafted from sustainably sourced textiles and made with both quality and comfort in mind, the addition of a coverlet is a simple way to add a touch of decadence to any bedroom. Whether the chill of winter means you need an extra layer for warmth, or the balmy summer nights are too hot for a duvet, and you want something lighter, bed covers are the perfect solution. 

There’s a fabric style to suit every bed. Opt for the cloud-like quality of velvet or indulge in the tactile look and feel of waffle fabric. Our quilted bed coverlets add a classic country-style charm, while the ruffled texture of our crinkle bed covers conjures up images of the sea.


Finding the Perfect Bed Cover & Coverlet

Bed covers and coverlets are slightly different in terms of the weight and warmth they can add to your bed. Our bed covers and bed throws are slightly smaller and are typically a lighter-weight fabric, like our beautifully soft and airy crinkle cotton bed covers. Coverlets, by contrast, are a little larger for that extra coverage you need in the cooler months. They’re also slightly more dense, featuring a double-layered fabric design with cotton fill. 

No matter which you choose, our bed covers, coverlets and throws are large enough to comfortably cover; double, queen and even king-sized beds, with generous proportions to hang over the sides. The most challenging part about finding the perfect bed cover or coverlet is deciding which fabric and colour you want. 


Bed Covers & Coverlets Australia 

Whether you want to enhance the comfort of your bedding or incorporate fresh textiles for a new look, you can achieve both simultaneously with an Aura Home bed cover or coverlet. Add another layer for warmth, bring in more texture and colour to contrast or complement your sheets or simply add a bed cover to protect your bedding. 

Designed in Australia and made from eco-conscious fabrics, these bedding additions are a lightweight and breathable layer that’ll take you through every season. With colours spanning soft and warm reds and browns to cool blues and earthy greens, our collection has something to suit every home. Inspired by both the Australian landscape and exotic locations abroad, indulge yourself with the superior quality, look and feel that bed covers can bring. 


What's the Difference Between a Bed Cover, Coverlet & Bedspread?

A bed covers and throws are typically the lightest option of the three, designed to act as a cover for your quilt. They can enhance the style of your room, offering a protective layer to help keep the rest of your bedding looking and feeling pristine. 

Coverlets fall between a quilt and a bed cover. They can be used as an extra layer for warmth in winter as their cotton-quilted design provides extra weight to your bedding so you can stay warm and cosy. They can also be used as a standalone option to sleep under on warmer summer nights. They’re usually larger than bed covers and extend to the floor for comprehensive bed coverage. 

Bedspreads are the largest, designed to cover everything from your pillows and quilt and are generally large enough to reach the floor. They’re made with a more specific purpose of protecting your bedding but can also be a welcome addition in winter as an extra layer. 


How Do I Choose the Right Size Bed Cover for My Mattress? 

Every option in our bed cover and coverlet collection can cover every size bed up to a king, with overlap falling over the sides. Our bed covers are slightly narrower and shorter than our coverlets, so the size you prefer is entirely up to you. You’ll find detailed sizing information on each individual product page. 


Do You Offer Eco-Friendly Bed Cover Options? 

Every bed cover available in our collection has been crafted with natural fibres. They’re either made from cotton or a linen-cotton blend to deliver a breathable and high-quality finish. To ensure the integrity of our textiles, we have third-party certifications spanning GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO-Tex Made in Green. You’ll be able to find which classification they have on each product page so you can choose the best option for you. 

To learn more about how we’ve incorporated sustainability into our bedding so far, you can explore our Conscious page or contact us with any questions you may have. 


Do You Offer Any Warranties or Guarantees on Your Bed Covers? 

All Aura Home products are covered with a 12-month warranty and you can also return your order within 30 days. For more information regarding our returns and warranty cover, refer to our FAQs.


Established Trust

Since 2000, we've worked incredibly hard to consistently create beautiful homewares and to always ensure we put our customers first.

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For over 20 years, the Aura Home brand has been synonymous with quality. All Aura Home products are made from natural fibres.