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  1. Luxury Velvet European Pillowcase - Clove
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet European Pillowcase - Clove
  2. Luxury Velvet European Pillowcase - Caper
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet European Pillowcase - Caper
  3. Luxury Velvet Standard Pillowcase - Caper
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet Standard Pillowcase - Caper
  4. Luxury Velvet Standard Pillowcase - Clove
    Aura Home Luxury Velvet Standard Pillowcase - Clove
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74 Items


No bed is complete without a set of pillows to lay your head on. At Aura Home, you can find a stunning array of pillowcases to add the finishing touch for a restful night's sleep. Whether you choose to adorn your bed in matching prints and fabrics or to go for a more contrasted, in-style look, Aura has the pillowcases you're looking for. 

From standard pillowcases to oversized square European pillowcases that add an extra sense of luxury to your bedroom, you’re spoiled for choice with the diversity of our fabrics and the variety of prints, colours and styles. Our selection of pillowcases will elevate your bedding while adding a sophisticated edge to your bedroom. 

Upgrade Your Bedding Essentials with Aura Home Pillowcases

The standout part of your bedding might typically be your quilt cover, but you can’t underestimate the difference that beautiful pillowcases can make. Not only are they another space to add colour and texture to your bed, they’re also one of the core elements of your bedding that you’ll truly notice the quality of when you change to natural fibres. 

At Aura Home, our pillowcases are made from cotton, pure linen, and linen-cotton blends, as well as unique and indulgent options like velvet and silk for something extra special. Combine fabrics for a contrasting aesthetic, blending colours and textures to create a truly unique look. 

Explore Luxury Pillowcase Covers

Inspired by both the colours of the Australian landscape and crafted from natural fibres, the addition of luxury pillowcases alone can make a world of difference in elevating your bedding. Made from sustainably sourced textiles, creating beautiful bedding that combines luxury with more conscious manufacturing is at the core of what we do. Crafted with care, you can find the perfect addition to your bedroom at Aura Home. 

Shop the Finest Pillowcases in Australia

Discover the broad range of fabrics, patterns and colours across both our standard and European pillowcases to complement the style of your room. The unparalleled quality of our pillowcases will transform your bedroom into a sanctuary, making for an indulgently restful night’s sleep. Whether you’re shopping for something more decorative or want the most luxurious option to sleep on, you’ll find everything you need for your bed in our pillowcases collection. 


Can I Purchase Matching Bed Linen with My Pillowcases?

Yes. If you find a colour or style in our pillowcase collection that you’d love to have on your sheets as well, you can usually get the matching sheet set as well. However, not all of our pillowcases have matching sheet sets, though you can combine different patterns and colours for a personalised bedding style. 

How Do I Care for My Pillowcase?

How you care for your pillowcase largely depends on the fabric you’ve chosen. For cotton, linen-cotton, velvet and pure linen pillowcases, we recommend washing them on a cool wash with similar colours. Avoid bleach and fabric softener, opting instead for a gentle detergent. Once they’re out of the wash, put them out to dry immediately. Opting to line-dry rather than putting them through a dryer will help maintain the integrity of the fibres for longer. If you do need to tumble dry them, set your dryer on low heat and use dryer balls to help fluff the fabric up. If you prefer a pristine and crisp look, you can also iron them - using a linen spray will also help maintain their condition while you’re storing them. 

Due to its delicate nature, silk pillowcases require a little more care. We suggest either hand washing with a gentle detergent or putting them in a garment bag before washing on a cool cycle. Avoid wringing or stretching your silk pillowcases, and hang them to dry away from direct sunlight to maintain their beautifully soft feel. 

Can I Purchase Pillowcases Individually or in Sets?

Our pillowcases are sold individually. When you order sheet sets, you’ll get two pillowcases of the same colour included, but by ordering pillowcases separately, you can choose different colours to match or contrast. 

How Do I Choose the Right Size for My Pillowcases?

All of our standard pillowcases measure 48cm high and 73cm deep, meaning they’ll fit your typical pillow. Our European pillowcases measure 65cm by 65cm. You’ll find detailed information about sizing on each individual product page, and you can also explore our size guide for further details.


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