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  1. Shell Planter - Small
    Inartisan Shell Planter - Small
  2. Shell Planter - Medium
    Inartisan Shell Planter - Medium
  3. Shell Wide Planter - Small
    Inartisan Shell Wide Planter - Small
  4. Shell Wide Planter - Medium
    Inartisan Shell Wide Planter - Medium
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4 Items

Bring Your Space to Life with Aura Home's Planters

Our carefully curated collection of planters is designed to inspire and uplift, transforming your green spaces into areas of serenity, style, and vibrant life. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice plant parent, our planters are the perfect companions for your home.

Aura Home believes that every plant deserves a beautiful home. Our selection of planters not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your plants but also promotes healthy growth, ensuring your green friends thrive. From compact options for windowsills to statement pieces that transform any room, our planters are designed to meet the diverse needs of indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your green spaces with Aura Home's exquisite planter collection. Browse our selection today and recieve free shipping on orders over $200 in Australia.


Established Trust

Since 2000, we've worked incredibly hard to consistently create beautiful homewares and to always ensure we put our customers first.

Free Returns

30 Day Free Returns Australia wide. Excludes large furniture.

Free Shipping

Orders over $200 are shipped free across Australia. $9.95 flat-rate shipping for small orders. Excludes furniture.


For over 20 years, the Aura Home brand has been synonymous with quality. All Aura Home products are made from natural fibres.