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About Us

In the most literal, descriptive sense, AURA makes bed linen and home accessories. It may be strictly true, but it in no way indicates the amount of passion and excitement a mere object can contain.

Because every Aura product encompasses the richness of the world, a luxurious embodiment of exquisite colours, unique fabrics and beautiful, handcrafted finishes found all around the globe.

And every piece springs from the marvelous, magpie mind of AURA’s founder, Tracie Ellis. With the eye of an artist – and the attention to detail of a textile designer – Tracie’s starting point for everything she creates is that it should not only appeal to the eye, but provide tactile delight as well. It must feel, as well as look, beautiful.

Inspired by her travels, each collection is a smorgasbord of delightful ideas curated from exotic cultures and foreign climes. The hand-painted fretwork of a palace in Jaipur. The dusty pastels of a French provincial cottage. The nostalgic memory of a grandfather’s shirt. Anything and everything is a source of inspiration, emerging from the fertile fields of Tracie’s subconscious as something marvelous and new.

But as much as AURA’s range is a distillation of global influences, so too is AURA now a global concern. Since the company’s modest beginnings in 2000, AURA has quickly moved beyond Australia’s borders, now eagerly sought and bought everywhere luxury is appreciated.

So AURA by Tracie Ellis isn’t simply a brand of homewares. It is a sumptuous window to the world, and yet an oasis of pleasure and comfort within the home. Until you experience AURA for yourself, you will never appreciate what simple, earthly delights can be had within this life.